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When the season arrived, one day measurements of approximately 3000 pollen grains per cubic meter of air were report in Canada. “I have never seen anything over 2500 before in Calgary, mentioned eye-popping, eye watering, sneezing and running beyond what we have experienced before. “ says Jack Davidson, one of the develops of STEROL 117, himself a longtime allergy sufferer.
Actually nowadays, pollution is a lot bigger problem for everyone living on the earth!

We need to deal with all kind of bacteria, dust, allergens for 24/7! How should we handle this issue?
Dr. Rico a practicing naturopathic physician and a researcher at Northwestern University explain,” Most people suffer to some extent an allergic reaction to airborne allergens, but not all the people require medications to relieve the symptoms. But for those of you who do, then there is help in the form of a natural product that can reduce the histamine levels in the body.

Dr. Rico continues, ” I have been using Sterol 117 in my clinic for over one year, with excellent results in the area of allergies I have not seen any other natural product with this combination of ingredients. In my opinion most other products only touch the tips of what is needed for allergy or indeed most other immune systems disorders.
Firstly it is a combination of three amazing components. All three components address improper immune function. Plant sterols alleviate and control the body’s histamine levels, a unique board spectrum antioxidant that contains 90% of all known polyphenols and also supports the immune system, and the third component Cellasate that enhances the bio-availability of the other components.
Dr. Yves Comeau, a Montreal physician and naturopathic doctor states, “sterol 117 is my product of choice when it comes to immune system issue. Allergies are becoming a big problem for many people. I Noticed in my practice that allergies can illicit many different systems so wide and varied, they can be difficult to detect over some other conditions.

Common symptoms are sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, dermatitis, ear ach and congested nasal passages to name a few. So when the immune system encounters an allergen such as pollen, the T-helper-2 cell releases an immune factor called Interluken-4 (IL4), IL4 causes B-cells to secrete IgE anti-bodies that attach to mast cells. Mast cells then release a cascade of chemicals, including the culprit histamine which promotes the allergic symptoms. Sterol may help to stop this process in a safe and natural way.
Serving size 1 capsule
Total Phytosterols (include Bate Sitosterol 117mg)
Patent # 2,402,429
  • Extracted from non-genetic modify soy( not wood pulp), and produced in North America
  • Contain 300mg Phytosterols, the recommended daily intake
  • May have shown to help modulate in immune system
  • Discovered at the university of Canterbury, New Zealand, contains the most comprehensive complex of natural antioxidants yet discovered
  • Is harvested using a pure water extraction process which inflicts no harmful effects on the environment, nor leaves harmful residues in the product
  • Is an active scavenger of free radicals activated by ingested carcinogens
  • An essential fatty acid complex designed to enhance the absorption and retention of the phytosterols and antioxidants within the body
  • No other supplement includes this proprietary complex
  • May have a strong influence in balancing the immune system, especially in allergies and immune disorders.
This product is not registered under the Chinese Medicine Ordinance or the Pharmacy and Poisons ordinance. Any claim made for this supplement has not been subject to evaluation for such registration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.
Sterol 117 is manufactured in Canada FMP/pharmaceutical Health Canada approved facility.